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The following is a recap of developments that have had or will have an impact on  MDEChem, Inc. 

September, 22, 2015 the United States Patent and Trademark Office granted MDEChem Patent # 9,139,778 for our "Chemical Process to recover Hydrocarbons from Tar/Oil Sands and Terra".

June 2013 Imperial Chemical Company granted an Exclusive Sub License for SANDKLENE 950, to Archer Petroleum of Vancouver, BC., Canada  

July 2011 MDEChem commenced production of SANDKLENE 950 in Houston, Texas June 2011. MDEChem signed  an Exclusive Licensee Agreement with the Imperial Petroleum Company for  MDEChem’s chemical SANDKLENE 950.

January 2011 MDEChem obtained an Exclusive Licensee   from EnviroFuels, LLC for the development of a product containing original technology to be used as a catalyst in the separation of organic and non-organic materials.

October 2010 MDEChem's SANDKLENE 950 product was listed by the EPA on it's NCP Product Schedule.  It is not a surfactant and does not contaminate the hydrocarbons.
July 2010 MDEChem’s SANDKLENE 950 formula was tested by Bio-Aquatic Laboratories as required by the EPA.  Formula found to non-toxic, biodegradable and completely safe for the environment.
April 2010 MDEChem concluded an Agreement with Proven Engineering and Technologies, LLC of Houston, Texas for a specific application of one of MDEChem's non oil  based formulations.

July 2009 MDEChem concluded a License Agreement with EnviroFuels, LLC for the use of base EnviroFuels, LLC technology in the manufacture, marketing and distribution of proprietary formulations developed by MDEChem, Inc.

March 2008 in order to raise capital necessary to conduct operations the company sold 10% of our Class A EnviroFuels, LLC Units in order to go forward with our market and product development programs. MDEChem currently owns 50,000 Units of EnviroFuels, LLC.

January 2008 MDEChem obtained at no cost the trademark  "Phosfamid"  from EnviroFuels, LLC and we have had it recorded it for our use in the future.
July 2007 the first domestic production of our MaxHeal product was packaged at FNC Medical in Ventura, CA. This production consisted of 27,000 1.75 oz tubes of MaxHeal Skin Restoration Gel.         
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