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MaxHeal Skin Restoration Gel MaxHeal

Skin Restoration Gel is a non-steroidal, anti-inflammatory compound. It should only be used externally.

MaxHeal™ Skin Restoration Gel provides instant relief to minor cuts, scrapes, minor burns, sunburn and abrasions.
It also provides instant relief to sooth itchy bites from chiggers, mosquitoes, sand fleas, black flies and other biting insects.
Medical science supports the existence of an electrical circulatory system within the human body. This electrical circuit in the human body is electronegative and is the body’s first line of defense by the human immune system in the fight against infection from microbes.
When the skin is opened the wound area becomes electropositive. It can be concluded that an electrochemical active material that is electronegative and compatible with the human immune system would then help the body immune system in fighting infections and aid in the relieve of pain.
Order online or send your orders to:
MaxHeal, Inc.,   923 10th Street,  PMB101, Floresville, Texas 78114.


 MDEChem's  SANDKLENE 950 ready to be used World Wide in the recovery of Oil from Tar/Oil Sands

In 2010 MDEChem commenced re-evaluation of a chemical composition previously developed by MDEChem in the 1990’s using our base technology that works as an effective catalyst in certain mechanical, thermal,  non-thermal and chemical closed-and open loop systems that separates both organic and inorganic components from terrestrial materials.

In 2011 testing commenced with this reformulated chemical composition redeveloped with the objective of recovering bitumen/heavy oil from oil sands.  We named our newly developed composition “SANDKLENE 950”.

SANDKLENE 950 is a non-toxic,  chemical composition that was tested in development from mid 2011 through 2012.  The final version of  SANDKLENE 950 in 2012 was then tested on 10 different sources of North America “oil sands” with excellent results.
This   technology is proven and will work equally as well on either oil-wet (U.S. oil sands) or water-wet (Canadian oil sands) oil sand systems.

In late 2013 TerraMer, Inc. of Calgary, Canada, along with Proven Technologies and Imperial Chemical Company executed an agreement to finish development of an initial oil sand project located in Logan County, Kentucky.  This mine just outside of Russellville, KY commenced production in 2014.

Mined Tar Sands being conveyed to hoppers at Kentucky mine
 Testing of SANDKLENE 950 commenced in 2014. Shown here is crushed Tar Sands being fed into processing machinery where it will be mixed with water and SANDKLENE 950. 
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